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Ericdress Reviews: Back To School Round 4

Here Ericdress shows customers a fashion collection of current back to school clothes. You can find many great items. They all have high quality and reasonable price. You can get a big discount sometimes because we always do promotions. If you need back to school clothes, come here to choose. We give you good items and services.

Round 4: Fashion Clothing & Men's Clothing & Accessories
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Wow, it's awesome!

OK, Let's talk about this:

Topic 1, Fashion Clothing

Dresses $5 off over $45! CODE: DRESS5

HOT STYLE: Ericdress Plus Size Solid Color Casual Dress

From Ericdress Reviews

  • By vac**
  • Apr.15
  • Lovely dress very happy with it, looks great with long boots and scarf.
    • By bel**

    • Very nice, fits well.
      • By Dal**

      • This dress is the best it and it is so comfortable looks cure with a scarf
        • By Fer**

        • Cute and comfy. Size was as expected.
          • By Kat**

          • Very Comfy and I love it! Looks great with leggings.
            • By She**

            • Super cute and comfortable! Could be a little clingy, it was fine!

        If you think this dress is not too fashion, how about this?

        Ericdress Plain Batwing Wrapped Knitwear

        From Ericdress Reviews
        • By lis**

        • looks pretty much like picture... same color and expected texture, good quality... might have expected to be longer in the back but still pretty spot on and decent quality
          • By lie**

          • I love this sweater a lot. More beautiful than I expected. I am very satisfied, I am waiting for more product coming which I ordered, excited!!! And continue shopping at your website. Thank you very much for making a good product and good price as well.
            • By Bak**

            • exactly as described and true to its color in the picture. fast delivery. fits perfectly. love the texture and the fur!
              • By Sal**

              • I love it! It fits perfectly, just the right color, knitwear as expected, came early, so so perfect! I would check every day when it would come. This should be a 5 star at least!

              Don't forget, If sent to American, it is in stock and can be shipped directly. You can get it quickly.

              Topic 2, Men's Clothing

              Ericdress Thicken Faux Fur Collar Single-Breasted Luxury Men's PU Jacket


              From Ericdress Reviews
              • By Ear**

              • "fit as expected"?? More like "it seems like it was custom.made for me"! Perfect fit for the chest, sleeves, shoulders and length.It's very warm and cool-looking.
                • By Hil**

                • The Jacket is fantastic. It looks great, feels great, and is sufficiently warm.For those expecting that classic leathery feel. Its slightly smoother. Nice quality
                  • By Ren**

                  • I am personally very satisfied and very in love with this jacket, this jacket is made of great fabric exactly very soft and extremely stable.
                    • By jai**

                    • It was very nice for the price. It looks close to the picture and runs a little small. It shipped really fast!
                      • By mys**

                      • My son saw this coat in Brown and wanted it as a gift. It came much quicker than other items I have ordered from websites based in China. It is a really nice coat and looks just like the picture above.

                      Recently, many people bought this one.

                      Maybe you will say it's too early, ok, what about this?

                      Ericdress Notched Lapel Double-Breasted Slim Men's Peacoat


                      From Ericdress Reviews
                      • By Iri**

                      • Bought from another seller but was too big and material not nice. I ordered this as am in love with it everything is perfect and looks more expensive than the price.
                      • By gab**

                      • The size its like in the table size. And the product its like in the picture! I recomand! I have 2 m and 107 kg and i order size 3XL!
                      • By Spr**

                      • This coat is stylish. It's very soft and it feels like it has cashmere in it. My husband weighs 170 and is 6 feet tall. It fits him well. 
                        • By Ger**

                        • Although not as heavy as the more expensive coats, this is still a very nice purchase. It really does look professional.The pockets are perfectly fine and the buttons have proven to be sturdy enough so far.  

                        Topic 3, Accessories

                        From Ericdress Reviews

                        • By Pag**

                        • I like this bag this bag inside smells good and the material isn’t so stiff .I love the this shoulder strap and the handles are quite flexible and really cheap. I highly recommend this bag for everyone.
                          • By Sus**

                          • I love this bag very much. It has nice styling and I had not used a shoulder strap before and really like that functionality. Also, it has plenty of room inside.Most important It is really beautiful.
                            • By Vic**

                            • This bag is beautiful! I get a lot of compliments on it. I’m really happy with this purchase. I needed a roomy bag like this,Perfect size!!! I love it.
                              • By Dap**

                              • his purse is beautiful. It is roomy and a little stiff being new, but I'm sure it will get stretched out. I really do like it.

                              New term, new looks just for you.

                              Friday, August 17, 2018

                              Ericdress Reviews: 2018 Autumn Fashion Trends

                              It's raining, autumn is coming, unconsciously.
                              Fairies are ready to start with autumn fashion items.
                              Let's have a look 2018 autumn fashion trends items.

                              Recently, Ericdress has put on a lot of new products. 
                              Are you dazzled in front of the screen?
                              Today, let us help you choose fashion items.

                              Topic 1: 

                              Left:Ericdress Gingham Cotton Lapel Long Sleeves Coats

                                      Right:Ericdress Pointed Toe Side Zipper Stiletto Heel Boots

                              This is a classic style, We can say.
                              What do you think?
                              If you like them, go ahead to buy!

                              Topic 2:
                                  Left:Ericdress V-Neck Loose Regular Long Cardigan

                              Ericdress Asymmetric Stripe Casual Cape

                              Ericdress Color Block Patchwork Slim Women's Jeans

                              Do you like it?
                              Fashion and warmer!
                              Of course, you can wear a long skirt.

                              Topic 3:

                              Simple and capable!
                              The best choice for office lady.

                              Topic 4:

                                   It's for autumn wear.
                                   Everyone has a different personality.

                              Topic 5:

                              Ericdress V Neck Pleats Side Slit 3/4 Long Sleeve Evening Dress

                              Yeah, Evening Dress.
                              Best Selling Dress & New Arrival Dress

                              They tend to put on skirts instead of pants, show more skin and generally dress more fashionably.

                              That's it for today. We would love to hear your feedback.

                              Thank you for coming here, Ericdress.


                              Monday, August 6, 2018

                              New Styles From Ericdress Reviews

                              Just at the end of July and early August, Ericdress has a lot of new clothes and shoes, bags and so on.
                              Let's follow the Ericdress Reviews to see:
                              We don't know if you have noticed, our new styles are also very popular.

                              From Ericdress Reviews:
                              By Jes***l
                              I haven't bought it yet, but I saw a lot of beautiful skirts on the Internet, I am already ready to add my shopping cart.
                              By Wen***
                              I am an old customer of Ericdress. I really agree with the quality of Ericdress. It is really good. I like skirts from China. It is cheap and good quality.
                              By Luc***
                              The new style is very good, I will be the first woman to wear the most beautiful dress, no one will repeat with me in the short term.

                              After reading the praise of Ericdress reviews, we guess you just want to know which ones.
                              Fashion Clothing:

                              Ericdress Print Floor-Length V-Neck Women's Dress

                              It was put on shelves on August 2, and now it has sold three dresses.
                              Do you like this long skirt?
                              Evening Dress:
                              Red-themed. Different feeling.

                              Let me think of a few adjectives, elegant, dignified.

                              This dress gives a feeling of playful vitality.

                              Which one do you like? Left or right?

                              Don't forget to download the Ericdress APP

                              Wednesday, July 25, 2018

                              Welcome Our New Friends To Ericdress

                              When I saw this news, I really couldn't believe it.

                              But it is indeed true.

                              I think this is the most exciting for anyone!

                              Wow! Amazing! Wonderful!

                              Hurry and invite your friends to register!

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                              I can't help but share it with you.

                              Come on, our new friends.

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                              Monday, July 23, 2018

                              Summer Party——Ericdress Reviews For Customers

                              Here are some clothes of things you can take pictures of this summer to help you remember the beauty and joy of the season.

                              First of all: Shoes.

                              Ericdress Transparent Patchwork Slip-On PVC Wedge Sandals

                              • By Mag
                              • May.25,2018
                              • These shoes, are, without a doubt, the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned! They are well worth the price!!! I usually wear a size 6 and that is what I ordered and they fit perfect!
                                • By Pho**
                                • May.25,2018
                                • Super comfy!!! I have wide feet and these were great! These are perfect. Glad I purchased these instead of the other similar ones online. Wore with my Cinderella costume for my party business and the little girls were in awe of my Sandals.
                                  Secondly: Bags

                                             Ericdress Vintage Crocodile Commute Handbag

                                      • By Pag**
                                      • May.20,2018
                                      • I like this bag this bag inside smells good and the material isn’t so stiff. I love this shoulder strap and the handles are quite flexible and really cheap. I highly recommend this bag to everyone.
                                        • By Sus**
                                        • May.19,2018
                                        • I love this bag very much. It has nice styling and I had not used a shoulder strap before and really like that functionality. Also, it has plenty of room inside. Most important It is really beautiful.

                                    Thirdly: Fashion Clothing

                                  Flower Print Three-Quarter Sleeve Expansion Casual Dress

                                  • By Lou**
                                  • May.09,2018
                                  • This is such a great quality dress! I bought this as a gift for my little sister. I know she’ll love this because it’s very good quality material. I’m in love with this dress and it’s not even for me ?! This is very comfortable I’m stoked by this good quality floral dress. Just as beautiful as it is in the picture.
                                    • By Ear**
                                    • May.05,2018
                                    • I am reaching for this dress more than I though I would because it is so casual and flattering on me. I am 5 ft 4 and weigh about 188 lbs and I ordered in XL and it fits me perfectly.
                                      • Next: Men's clothing

                                          Ericdress Lapel Short Sleeve Casual Men's Denim Shirt

                                          • By Joa**
                                          • Mar.10,2018
                                          • fit comfortably and as someone stated, soft to the touch. i had awhile shirt similar that was too big for me as i have since lost weight and needed a replacement.
                                            • By Iri**
                                            • Mar.10,2018
                                            • I use Denim shirts specially for travelling. They are warm and comfortable, without being too bulky.My old one was getting ratty so I found this at a decent price.Good product, well made.Look forward to getting good use out of it.

                                        The last one: Accessories

                                          Tell me which one do you like?
                                           The best selling of Accessories

                                          Ericdress Hollow Out Leaf Golden Ring

                                          Ericdress Shining Snowflake Earring for Women(for one)

                                          • By Cel**
                                          • May.11,2018
                                          • These rings are so cute! There’s quite a few so you can use them on both hands. I like to wear one at the end of my knuckle and a smaller one up top. These are really in style right now. They’re a pretty simple design so they would definitely match any outfit.
                                            • By Jea**
                                            • Apr.18,2018
                                            • There rings are adorable! My wife loves accesories and she loved the rings. I really didn’t expect these to be so nice. Will be ordering a different set now that I know the quality. Can’t beat the quantity and price!

                                            • By Emm**
                                            • Jun.06,2018
                                            • very beautiful, like an ordinary quality jewelry but the price just fine. like it, they transformers, sprocket stud can be worn alone. zipper about anything,'ll change. now most important: заняла moscow shipping to 10 days. 10 days, carl!!!

                                            • By Nor**
                                            • May.13,2018
                                            • The earrings are very pretty! It is also nice that you can wear just the small stars if you don't want to go for the showy plunge. So far the quality is not too bad, holding up well.
                                              • By Jen**
                                              • Apr.25,2017
                                              • I will attend my twin's wedding in june so I bought this pair of drop earring. It's so stunning and sparkling. I decide to sent it to my sister.

                                                • By Lis**
                                                • Jun.03,2018
                                                • Lovely!! --- Looks real expensive --- Combination with the earrings looks stunning! --- Be aware the pearls of the choker are a little less white than the big pearls of the earrings and the choker.

                                            OK, That's all.
                                            One summer with you.

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