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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Ericdress Reviews: Best Sellings Wedding Dress

Ericdress Gorgeous Strapless Sweetheart Beading Wedding Dress

From Ericdress Reviews:
  • By blo**
  • Nov.26,2018
  • When I ordered this dress I started reading alot of bad reviews and was worried. I emailed customer service and they replied immediately. They were very king and courteous, reassuring me that my things would be here on time and not ruined. They were right! This dress was EXACTLY as they said it would be. I added a photo of this dress right after I received it. My wedding is in May and I am sure the wedding photos will be more than beautiful. I will try to write another review and post the professional pics later or on another review site. I feel like a princess in this dress. Do not let the bad reviews deter you from buying this dress. It is well made, lightweight and gorgeous! Other dresses like these run around $600 at least.

  • Ericdress Amazing Off The Shoulder Lace Wedding Dress

  • From Ericdress Reviews:
  • By alm**
  • Nov.03,2018
  • The dress is exactly like the picture..The dress is beautiful Thank you very much. We are very happy

    • Ericdress Short Sleeves Appliques Beaded Mermaid Wedding Dress

      From Ericdress Reviews:

      • By jul**
      • Nov.01,2018
      • Received my wedding dress in the mail and I absolutely love it!It fits me perfectly. I did input my own measurements in. It looks just like the picture. Great material. Thank you Ericdress for my dress!

      • Ericdress Beautiful High Neck Lace Wedding Dress With Sleeves

      • From Ericdress Reviews:
        • By tlc**
        • Oct.29,2018
        • We paid for the expedited everything and received the dress (custom sized) in 3 weeks. I wish we had ordered it earlier and had time to send it back for changes. The only change need was darts to tighten up at the bust area and the right side of the dress skirt needed to be taken up as the lace and tule was were longer by 3 inches. Otherwise the dress was beautiful.

        • Ericdress Sexy Backless Mermaid Wedding Dress

        • From Ericdress Reviews:
          • By Mad**
          • Oct.24,2018
          • Here are the pictures I promised. Beautiful dress.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Is Ericdress A Trustworthy Site

Recently, many friends have sent e-mails to us and asked about the newcomers a coupon of $180. Many people are doubting this coupon and are also questioning Ericdress.
Here, we would like to specifically say that this offer is made up of numbers with different denominations, and if you want to use them, you need to meet certain conditions, this is indeed a real discount.

About $180 Coupon:

         If the shopping cart amount is met $49, you will get $5 coupon;
         If the shopping cart amount is met $89, you will get $10 coupon;
         If the shopping cart amount is met $149, you will get $15 coupon;
         If the shopping cart amount is met $169, you will get $20 coupon(APP);
         If the shopping cart amount is met $209, you will get $30 coupon(APP);
         If the shopping cart amount is met $399, you will get $100 coupon(APP);

APP STORE & Google Play

About us
Established in 2012, Ericdress is a global online retail company. We ship to over 200 countries worldwide. Global Distribution & Warehousing enables us to provide fast delivery. Since it's founding, Ericdress has seen accelerating growth rate in a number of business indicators, including year to year gross merchandising value, a number of orders, registered buyers and sellers, and listings.

Ericdress offers a wide range of products: men's and women's clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, wedding dresses, special occasion dresses, 3C, wigs and so on.

If you want to know more, please visit our website.
More discount and more ericdress reviews, you will find them.


Thursday, September 13, 2018

Upcoming Flash Sale From Ericdress Reviews

Have you ever had this time?  When you saw a favourite skirt on the website, but you felt that the price was a bit expensive, but you liked it very much and hesitated for a long time.
                  Sales Begin3:22:22:?
                             Ericdress Stripe Halter Boyshorts Tankini Set

                                                        Size: S-5XL
From Ericdress Reviews
  • By Arl**
  • Aug.20,2018
  • Very comfortable. Looks nice on. I'm happy with this purchase. It's a nice quality material.
    • By Mer**
    • Aug.09,2018
    • This is a great deal! Fits perfectly, stays put, washes very well.Fits to size!! Excellent bathing suit!
      • By Ros**
      • Jul.30,2018
      • Lovely suit; lovely color(s); lovely fit! Top covers problem areas (stomach & hips); covers enough to give confidence that you won't spill out of it. Can't ask for more.
        • By Els**
        • Jun.14,2018
        • BUY IT!!! Flattering, modest, comfortable, awesome! The quality is great. All the seams are well constructed, the material is nice and thick, the bra part is solid and really well-made, and the navy/pink print combination is adorable.
          • By mao**
          • May.29,2018
          • The fit was great and I looked great in it.I love this suit. I bought another one for an extra. Very comfortable.

          Size: S-3XL
          From Ericdress Reviews
          • By Kur**
          • Mar.31,2018
          • I’m a size medium to large but I ordered the XL and it fits perfect!! I love this jacket it looks and feels way more expensive than it is. cheers
            • By rom**
            • Mar.10,2018
            • exactly as seen in the picture but its not the original lather. not bad, you wont regret it, but order little bigger size if you wear US size clothes. it was my first time and i am satisfied with the order and shipping thing as it ships from abroad.

            • Ericdress Vintage Simple Full Maxi Skirt

            •                                                        Size: S-5XL
            • From Ericdress Reviews
              • By Iri**
              • Dec.08,2017
              • got this skirt from my friend and the material is durable and i like this skirt a lot.
                • By Pop**
                • Dec.08,2017
                • It's OK
                  • By Far**
                  • Dec.05,2016
                  • This skirt is extremely comfortable! I live in it! Perfect length.
                    • By Gab**
                    • Dec.03,2016
                    • Soft material and very comfortable!
                      • By Jan**
                      • Nov.26,2016
                      • Very pretty skirt, nice soft good quality material. I'm very happy with it.
                    From Ericdress Reviews
                    • By lov**
                    • Jul.25,2018
                    • I absolutely love these pants, cant wait to wear them. Just like the picture.
                      • By Gen**
                      • Jul.24,2018
                      • These pants are super comfortable, the Medium fit me perfect.and the length is perfect. I still give 5 stars. I love them all.
                        • By Gem**
                        • Jul.21,2018
                        • These pants are super comfortable, the Medium fit me perfect.and the length is perfect. I still give 5 stars. I love them all.
                          • By Sab**
                          • Jul.18,2018
                          • These are really nice pants,lightweight and comfy.these were great quality and beautiful color.I thought it will be perfect for both summer and fall.
                            • By Hil**
                            • Jul.18,2018
                            • I really love these pants. Good material and beachy look. They're light & comfortable. I would wear them every day if I could.

                            Come On!
                            More products!
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                            Wednesday, September 5, 2018

                            Autumn 2018 Fashion Trends ---Ericdress Reviews

                            I believe you have seen this article in major fashion magazines, but you don't know that Ericdress has pushed a lot of new styles recently. I think you need to know and become a fashionista, the most important thing is that it is cheap and good quality!

                            If I were you, I think I can't wait to know. Because, whenever I look at the clothes of fashion magazines, I know that it must be very expensive. But Ericdress is not like this.

                            As many of the Ericdress reviews, I have seen, it's very beautiful and good quality.

                            Ok, let's get into today's topic: 
                                         Autumn 2018 Fashion Trends From Ericdress Reviews
                            Everyone who visits Ericdress often knows that Ericdress has a lot of activities, and it will change the theme according to current events.
                            Yes, The picture above is the activity of this station: Special Labour Day!
                            (Fashion Clothing & Men's Clothing & Accessories) Free Shipping Over $59. 8% OFF

                            Now, let's build your fall wardrobe.

                            Remember that the Loose Plaid Color Block is always the most classic element. When you walk into the mall or any website, you will definitely see a Loose Plaid Color Block shirt.
                            This is a long hoodie, and the bottom is irregular, giving a very stylish feel. When you put on it, we all know that you are a fashionista.
                            You can also become a star and the focus of the street.

                            This is Zipper Casual Lapel Camouflage Long Sleeves Jacket.
                            We all know that most people wear dark jackets, and for a long time, people will feel depressed. However, if you put on this jacket, I believe that the people around you will feel very happy. Because bright colours always make people comfortable and relaxed.
                            If you want to be at the forefront of fashion, you need to be different.

                            How much is this coat in your eyes?
                            $300 USD? $200 USD?$100 USD?
                            No, no, no. Wrong, wrong, wrong.
                            USD $53.11
                            USD $80.48
                            $42.49Just for App Users

                            Yes, in the countdown.
                            4 colours and S-3XL size.

                            From Ericdress Reviews
                            • By Zor**
                            • Nov.15,2017
                            • When I seen this cape I absolutely wanted it, it is really pretty and goes perfect with my boots! Love it!
                              • By Mag**
                              • Nov.08,2017
                              • Loved it! Now I just have to wait for the warmer months to get here so I can wear it! I'm very satisfied with this purchase and highly recommend it!
                                • By Ear**
                                • Nov.06,2017
                                • Fit as expected. Price was not high, and quality is ok. Got safely in a package without any damage. It looks just like the picture. Nice design.
                                  • By Fan**
                                  • Nov.06,2017
                                  • I love it! It's so pretty, just the right color.
                                    • By Tes**
                                    • Nov.05,2017
                                    • This cape is so beautiful. I love it!
                                    Maxi Dresses
                                    Best selling style
                                    Maybe you will say that the back is empty, in fact, you can wear a vest. As far as I know, some people wear dresses always, just different dresses.
                                    Therefore, I continue to recommend this dress, the highest praise.

                                    From Ericdress Reviews:
                                    • By Pop**
                                    • Jun.19,2017
                                    • I bought this dress after reading the reviews. They are definitely for tall girls which is awesome. I'm 5'10 and I can hardly find dresses that actually reach my ankle and still fit my body really well. I'm 129lbs wear small or extra small. And I am not exaggerating when I say these are perfect. If u don't mind them touching the ground a bit then get these. You won't regret it. It also makes your look good lol that was a plus for me.


                                    Usually, people ask, what brand of jeans do you like? But we all know that jeans are basically the same, different from the materials. Some cotton, some hard, some holes, some leisure and so on.

                                    From Ericdress Reviews
                                    • By Ear**
                                    • Aug.30,2018
                                    • The jeans are very comfortable to wear and the quality is very good. My daughter likes them very much and will buy them frequently in the future
                                      • By mao**
                                      • Aug.30,2018
                                      • Best jeans I've ever worn. Slimming, comfortable and stylish. 5 stars.
                                        • By Ros**
                                        • Aug.30,2018
                                        • The jeans are so elastic, it makes my butt look so beautiful, I get a lot of compliments from my friends
                                          • By Fre**
                                          • Aug.30,2018
                                          • The jeans are so elastic, it makes my butt look so beautiful, I get a lot of compliments from my friends
                                            • By Zor**
                                            • Aug.29,2018
                                            • These are the perfect jeans. Best fitting jeans I have ever owned. They are stretchy but not to a point of no return. They feel and look expensive. Very comfortable when I sit down, even though they are snug on me, which I like.

                                            Evening Dresses

                                            If your party is outdoors, then this one must be very suitable.
                                            This is a new style, I believe, if you choose it, it should not be the same.

                                            How about these clothes or dresses?
                                            If you like them, then share with your friends.

                                            Ok, that's all, see you next time.

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