Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Ericdress Reviews: Solid Color Slim Stand Collar Men's Small Size Wool Coat

Solid Color Slim Stand Collar Men's Small Size Wool Coat

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From Ericdress Reviews:
  • By Mar**
  • Nov.18,2018
  • Nice coat but it was too small for me so I gave it to my son. It fit him perfect and he loves it.
    • By Mag
    • Nov.18,2018
    • Not fancy but highly utilitarian. Heavy lining. Really comfortable and warm. The perfect jacket to throw on and make a home depot run, or do outside errands around the house. love this jacket.
      • By Emm**
      • Nov.16,2018
      • Great, warm and comfortable jacket. I ordered green and when I got it I thought it was grey. It's barely green but you can still tell it's a little green.
        • By Con**
        • Nov.16,2018
        • This jacket fit perfect and the fleece is much thicker and warmer than expected.
          • By She**
          • Nov.15,2018
          • I like the material, the lining seems very warm, have yet to try it in really cold or windy conditions, but keeps me warm down to about 40 degrees so far. I like the style.
            • By Pol**
            • Nov.15,2018
            • Beautiful jacket, there is nothing in the stores like it. High fashion to the tenth power.
              • By Emm**
              • Nov.14,2018
              • Fantastic quality and a great fit! Sometimes you can't tell by the pictures wether a piece is high quality or not, but this coat is perfect!
              • By Jes**
              • Nov.17,2018
              • This jacket is great. It is well made and the material is very comfortable and warm.
                • By Nor**
                • Nov.17,2018
                • I would recommend this to any one. Perfect for the weather we have in Arkansas. Not too heavy but warm enough.
                  • By Cor**
                  • Nov.16,2018
                  • I was skeptical, but this is a sharp-looking and decently constructed jacket. Fits very well, sleeves are long enough. 


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