Wednesday, May 23, 2018

What's your concern about your Order?—— Ericdress Reviews for Customers

      What makes a successful purchase is always the focus of every merchant. However, do you know the Seven Psychological Stages of Customer Purchase? To know the Consumer psychology is the key to successful business.  Frankly speaking, it would be :

  • Drawing attention: In today's information society, how to make your products attract customers' attention is not an easy task. In the choice of many properties, how to attract customers' attention is a problem for us to think about. We should be concerned with the culture of customer's concern normally.
  • Interest: Interest is the premise of business, how to discover the interest of customers in our products is the key to attract customers' attention, the most difficult is to find the interest and ingenious nature of the customer.
  • How Interest Will be associated With life: When customers are interested in what they have seen, they always associate with their life. what if they have bought this item? It's easy to put yourself in the situation and feel the benefits that you bring to yourself. We should give proper guidance.
  • The desire to have something new: If the economic conditions permit, everyone will want to be able to enjoy it for a long time. 
  • Comparision: When people decide to buy, there will be a number of comparisons to find the most suitable products for them, the process of comparison is to weigh the pros and cons. 
  • Final confirmation: After careful comparison, with reference to professional advice, combined with their own needs and economic capabilities, customers will ultimately choose what they need. When you know that the customer is ready to buy the items, SalesPersons will deliberately raise their stance. "This is the most popular style and will be no stock soon, or shall I help you pick up another style?" If you hold a high attitude, your customers will have a strong desire to buy. 
  • The decision to buy what you have seen: After experiencing the complex thinking process, the process of buying will become simple. When the customer decides to purchase, the desire and decision will be very strong and they'll don't have the opportunity of regret at that period. 

After the order is placed successfully, customers may have some concerns:
1. When will I receive my online order?
2. How to track my order?
3. What if I am not satisfied with my order?

At, this will be our answers:
The answer to the 1st question:
Normally there is a certain processing time of each order on ericdress because the manufacturer will need to prepare them. And receiving time would be processing time plus shipping time, shipping would be various according to the shipping method you choose ( expedited, standard or super saving shipping).

The answer to the 2nd question:
After the order is shipped out, you'll receive notification in your registration email box together with the tracking number and tracking link. You could also write us at or visit our online chat for help.

The answer to the 3rd question:
We are dedicated to meet the satisfaction of each customer and if you are unhappy with your order, you could contact us for return or refund.

I hope this post will be helpful for your online shopping and welcome to leave your comments.


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